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 AE17 Drops 

Adot - Hungarian meaning Given 
El -The name of God 
17 - Biblical number for complete victory.


The key differentiator of AE-17 compared to all other turmeric ingredients is that it is designed in a way wherein a small daily dose of 250mg is required to provide you all the health benefits of Turmeric. 


Turmeric is a well-known herb that is popularly used across the globe as a traditional spice and as a dietary supplement. It contains curcuminoids, which are essential bioactives, responsible for properties that provide multiple health benefits. However, curcuminoids have minimal bioavailability; hence large doses are required to realize its complete benefits. 


 AE17 (TurmXtra) is a standardized, proprietary water-dispersible turmeric extract. It has been validated through multiple preclinical, human pharmacokinetic and clinical trials to establish bioequivalence* of 250mg AE17 with 1575mg of standard turmeric extract. A standard turmeric extract typically contains 95% bioactives. Most dietary supplement marketers recommend multiple capsules to achieve the intended effect. 


With proven bioequivalence and high potency formulation, AE17 is expected to be equally effective at 1/10th the dose of standard turmeric extract.




 30 Day Supply.

Potent Bioavailability with clinical studies.

1/10th of our dose = 3 doses of standard turmeric drops.

250 MG of our AE17 = 1,500 MG of other brands. 

100% Natural - Delivers 6 times more curcuminoids in plasma from a single dose.

Highest curcuminoid content.

Water dispensable. Which means it delivers the active ingredients quickly into your system.




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